Saturday, November 8, 2008

Techno 293 North American & World Championships

Would you like to travel to England and compete in the 2009 Techno 293 World Championships? Would you like to have some of your travel expenses paid for and have a coach who will travel with you and help you get your best possible finish? You can make that happen!

The Techno 293 North American Championships will be held from July 29-31 at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, California. Anyone can attend and all racers will use a Bic Techno 293. There will be two ages classes, under 15 and under 17. Performance at the North American's is what will determine who gets sent to the world championships in Weymouth just a few weeks later. We are hoping to take six kids to Weymouth and the goal is to have boys and girls in both the under 15 and under 17 classes; however, qualification will be based on performance and ability to get around the race course regardless of age or class.

If you work super hard at getting yourself ready for this event you can make the dream of international windsurfing competition your reality! Nevin Sayre (who was a 5 time US Windsurfing National champion and PWA competitor) got his start in similar fashion, “I know when I was 18 years old and heard that I could win airfare to the North American windsurfing champs in Corpus Christi by winning the New England Champs, this changed my life forever. I dedicated myself to those New England Champs and won airfare to Corpus where for the first time I saw Matt Schweitzer, Ken Winner, Mike Waltze, Alex & Greg Aguera, Rhonda Smith et al. This made me a dedicated windsurfer for life!”

So make your plans now to start getting ready for the North American’s, and if you have any questions about training or competing send an e-mail to Britt or Karen.

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Dan said...

Wow! Getting some travel expenses paid is better than many pro windsurfers!

Nothing better than racing and training with the best to bring out the best in yourself.