Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Miami Pro-Am

The Miami Pro-Am kicked off Nov 15-16 with some great conditions for Formula and Kona racing. There was about 35 sailors there and the really cool part is half of the competitors there were under the age of 20! US Windsurfing’s Team USA showed up and were jamming. Most were competing (and performing quite well) in the Kona Class and there was several in the Formula Class.

Cool stories about several of the sailors here at the Miami Pro-Am:
-Cullen Ahearn from Clearwater, FL competed in his first windsurfing regatta ever at the Pro-Am last year. In the past year, he has put in so much hard work that in highly tactical Kona fleet, he won the podium! It is great to see him achieve such skills as a sailor and he is a great competitor - watch out for him, he is continuing to practice hard.
-Mateo Vargas, a Laser sailor from St Pete, competed for the first time ever in a windsurfing regatta and placed 4th overall in the Kona fleet!
-Chris Gardiner from St. Pete, FL won the Youth Class in Formula with Sergio Cremissini from Miami and Alex Stankie from Cocoa Beach rounding out the Formula Youth Fleet.

There are a bunch of more up and comers as well who are hungry and looking to climb on podiums as well.

Off the course at the US Sailing Center, it was cool to see skateboards and footballs instead of older guys huddled around discussing Formula fins and the economy. And in the evening, the skate park in Coconut Grove was put to good use. Overall it is looking like a great start to the racing season with Team USA. So feel free to talk to the kids on land, because on the water you may not have that chance. They are all good kids and I am stoked that they are making a showing. I am contacting more kids to get them involved - so look for the numbers to increase at future events.

We are looking forward to the next Team USA event, the Prepared Peak Performance Training Camp at Banana River Resort, Dec 27-30. We have 12 youth sailors already and some others considering it strongly.

Britt Viehman
US Windsurfing’s Team USA Coach

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